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Royal Crest Reviews

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It’s The Best Place I’ve Lived On Campus by Abbey
I love Royal Crest! The people who live there are so friendly and everybody is nice! The management is great and help resolve any problems quickly. It has a great location and is well worth the affordable price!!

Not Fancy, But Great Location And Great Wards! by Hailley P.
I like living here. I love my ward and I love being close to campus. The walls are not very soundproof, though, so it can be loud. It’s not too fancy, but it’s a good place to live.

I Love Living Here. by Cassie J.
The rooms are nice the facilities too.

It’s A Great Place That I Enjoy Living At. by Sarah S.
The management is great, the girls are nice, and the apartments are comfortable. Plus, the location is great!

I Love This Place, So Far This One Of The Best Place To Live. by Tegan H.
I would tell them to live here, because everything is nice and a fun place to live.

I Love The Friendly Atmosphere That Radiates Around Here! by Jessica W.
The Royal Crest Apartments is a great place to live if you are looking for a great and friendly atmosphere. I love that it is so close to the campus, it is very convenient.

Love It Here! by Jessica P.
I love the location. The ward is awesome. We are closer to mens apartment and that makes it eaiser to hang out and get to know your ward members.

Barring The Internet, It Was Beautiful. by Esther C.
Six girls just getting out of their teens can get in a mess if they are not careful about communication. If you have a ton of stuff, the cabinets might get crowded, but with some foresight it will all be fine. Just don’t get too comfortable and don’t sleep through classes. Those mattresses are plush. The laundry places are convenient. It depends on the person. Oh, and the lounge is pretty cool. And Bunk House is just across the parking lots.

I Love The Environment Here. by Kaloni J.
It is like having a comfortable place to live and you get really close to the girls in your ward because of living so close nit- it is fantastic!